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It is quite interesting to note the fact that every one of us wants peace and happiness.Various methods are given both materialistic and spiritual.The really notable fact here is that most of us “Miss the obvious”.We need some colours and lights always to enrich our lives.

This fact has been recognised for more than 1000s of years and particularly in India.This fact so ancient, yet modern, is celebrated with enthusiasm and cheer all over India. But it seems “Most people miss the obvious”.

The news is that Holi reminds us the need to celebrate life at least for the good part of it!Related image

Look for these interesting characters

Hiranyakashipu- . Hiranyakasipu means one who is in golden bed!.Arrogant andĀ evil minded king and father of Prahlad, challenged prahlad,to prove God. He tried in varies ways to kill Prahlad. Hiranyakasipu got the company of his sister Holika to kill Prahlad

Prahlad-Prahlad means one who is the source of all happiness and peace. A peaceful and happy devotee of Iswara or Vishnu(Vishnu means one who is all-pervading).

Holika- Aunt of Prahlad and evil minded who had the boon of immunity to fire.

Holi means………

Holi means lighting of the ceremonial fire. This takes place on the previous day to the holi celebrations with colours.It is a celebration of happiness that is the result of the oneness of existence.All celebrations are for happiness. In happiness, the differences are ignored.

Oneness among differences

Colour powders are gently thrown or colour water is splashed or sprinkled on all type of people to celebrate ignoring differences. Even though generally, it is said: “Good prevails over the evil”. “Ego and arrogance causing one’s own downfall and destruction”

The all important question here is what is holi.

Different colors are colors of life

Holi is the celebration of “Iswara- this physical world. The maker and the made is one”.The different colours represent differences among human beings. When they are understood like colours, there prevails oneness and happiness!.Colours are also symbolic of human emotions.Different colours represent different emotions and once they are spread and sprinkled, people celebrate them leading to laughter and happiness symbolic of the oneness of existence.

Now let us come back to the previous three characters……..

Iswara is everywhere, the arrogant seperates himself / herself

God proved itself by Half-human and half-lion form. It is symbolic of the fact that consciousness is the same in human and animal.This Narasimha form of the lord that came out of the pillar of the palaceĀ of Hiranya kashipu and killed the evil king and the father of Prahlad, the devotee of Iswara, is symbolic of Iswara-God in every form.

Arrogance and evil minded does not like the pious and devotional qualities of the good and the simple.They wanted to make this person to not to have faith in Vishnu(Iswara), the all pervading.It wants to dominate others and refuse to accept others beliefs.The evil minded trying to annihilate the good and simple by all means.

The miracle was achieved

Prahalada was simple and non-egoistic because he surrendered to Vishnu, the all-pervading.He said, “Vishnu is everywhere”.This is symbolic of the all-pervading Vishnu, or God since Prahlada surrendered to Vishnu, Vishnu came to the rescue by killing the evil-minded Hiranyakasipu

When Vishnu is everywhere then it meant oneness. The subject and object difference is not there.

Only consciousness remains. This was the surrender done by Prahlada!.

Apply the same method

Hiranya kasipu challenged Prahlada to prove God, The villain-Hiranyakasipu-Golden bedded arrogance ignoring God, the total.He had the method of self-centredness and evil to conquer others resulting in his Killing by human-animal symbolic of animal qualities in a human being tackled by the same.

The wicked woman Holika meaning ceremonial fire.She had the boon of protection from fire having a protective gear tricked Prahlada by forcing him to sit on fire along with her. But the fire God or Vishnu miraculously saved Prahlada by the same protective gear that Holika was wearing and the flames consumed Holika.

The lesson is”All protection is of no use if evil minded attempts to destroy one who surrendered to Vishnu, the total”.

Surrender, the way to peace, happiness and freedom.

The hero-Prahlada was the source of happiness bcoz of total surrender.He had the “Sameness of Mind” since he surrendered to vishnu, the total,resulting in his saving from the ceremonial fire which killed the evil-minded aunt.

The lesson: Those who does not have the feeling of “I and Mine alone can be peaceful”. “This is achieved by surrender to Iswara”.

“Isavasyam idam sarvam”- “All that is here is Iswara, the total, God!”- Isavasya Upanishad.

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